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Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina

North Carolina Bar Admission Registration

All persons who wish to file any sort of application with the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners must first create a personal NC Bar Admission Registration account on this website.

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Special Testing Accommodations

General information about the Special Testing Accommodations, deadlines, policy, definitions, procedure and application forms.

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Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law in the State of North Carolina.

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Character and Fitness

Every applicant shall have the burden of proving that the applicant possesses the qualifications of character and general fitness

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Request Fingerprint Cards

To request fingerprint cards (not printable, official card must be used), please send an email to: Please include your name and mailing address with your request.


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July 2021 NC Bar Exam to be administered remotely

July 2021 NC Bar Exam will be administered remotely

03/22/2021 Read More

Declarations Permitted In Lieu of Notarized Signatures Until December 31, 2021

Declarations permitted in lieu of notarized signatures until December 31, 2021

03/22/2021 Read More

ExamSoft Information for Exam Days - February 2021 NC Bar Exam

ExamSoft Exam Day Experience Information now available

02/19/2021 Read More

February 2021 NC Bar Exam Instructions

F2021 NC Bar Exam Instructions Available Now

02/10/2021 Read More

Updated ExamSoft Examplify FAQs for February 2021 Remote Bar Exam

Updated ExamSoft FAQs for F2021 Remote Bar Exam Now Available

01/21/2021 Read More

February 2021 NC Bar Exam FAQs and Required Testing Conditions now available

February 2021 NC Bar Exam FAQs and Required Testing Conditions are now available

12/22/2020 Read More