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Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina

Special Accommodations Request Procedures

The Executive Director shall review all requests for special testing accommodations that are properly filed in accordance with the Board’s policy. Requests that are not timely filed, that are incomplete, or that otherwise do not comply with the requirements of this policy may be rejected from consideration. The Board may request an applicant submit additional information in support of the request. The Board may seek the assistance of a medical, psychological or other authority of the Board’s choosing in reviewing a request.

Upon review of a regular request, the following procedures will be observed:

  • After a determination is made, the applicant will be notified in writing at the address provided by the applicant on the petition.

  • If a request is denied, the applicant will be notified in writing at the address provided by the applicant on the petition.

  • The applicant may appeal the denial of a petition or the granting of a petition with different accommodations than requested to the Board. The appeal shall be filed within ten days of the applicant’s receipt of the notice of denial or notice of accommodations approved. The appeal shall be conducted on the basis of the record and the applicant shall be limited to a written argument in support of the appeal.

  • The Board shall affirm, reverse or modify the decision of the Executive Director. Written notice of the Board’s decision will be sent to the applicant at the address provided by the applicant on the request. The Board’s decision on appeal shall be final.

In reviewing an emergency request the following procedures will be observed:

  • Before deciding the merits of an emergency request, The Executive Director shall first determine whether the request qualifies as an emergency request under the Board’s policy. If it does not qualify as an emergency, the Board may deny the request.

  • The request may be denied if it is not practicable in the time remaining before the examination:
    1. To arrange special accommodations that would provide testing conditions that are reasonable and comparable to those conditions provided to other applicants; or
    2. For the Board to take all steps reasonable and necessary for it to reach a fair determination on the merits of the request before the examination.

  • A determination shall be made on the emergency request and the applicant will be notified of the determination as soon as reasonable.

  • The decision on an emergency request shall be final and is not appealable.