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Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina

Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina

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Application To Use Laptop Computer On Written Portion Of Exam & Payment Transmittal Form
North Carolina Bar Examination Date: - FEBRUARY 23-24, 2021
I have read the instructions that were provided in the letter to applicants, on the Board of Law Examiners’ web page at , and on the website of ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc. at . I represent to the Board that I have experience with the laptop computer that I will use for the bar exam. I further represent that I will promptly download the ExamSoft Examplify program and complete the registration process, including the taking of a qualification exam. I will practice using the software before arriving at the exam site.

I understand that if I fail to do so, I can be refused the opportunity to use my computer at the exam site. I understand that if I encounter hardware or software failure or other technical difficulties while taking the bar exam, no additional time will be given. If the technical difficulties cannot be resolved or are not resolved, I will continue the essay examination by handwriting. I understand that in such cases, the Board will use reasonable efforts to recover what had been written on the laptop, but will not give credit or make accommodations for any portion of the answer(s) that cannot be recovered, regardless of the reason for the technical difficulty.

I accept the conditions the Board has specified for the use of laptop computers. I will hold harmless the Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina, its employees, agents, and contract assistants (including the Bar Exam proctors and all technical assistants) for any and all computer and software malfunctions or other technical difficulties, regardless of the reason, relating to my use or attempted use of a laptop computer in connection with the North Carolina Bar Exam and will indemnify these entities against any and all costs, damages, and fees resulting from any claim filed by me against third parties.
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$125* Check/money order payable to “N.C. Board of Law Examiners” (May be included in application fee check)
* This is a non-refundable/non-transferable fee.